Steel Mill Worker Who Made $1.2 million in 18 Months Sending Boring Stuff From Walmart to Amazon

Very excited to kick start my podcast : The Amazing Business Blueprint.
First episode itself, we got one of the best internet entrepreneurs out there.

In this episode we cover the story of a steel mill worker who struggled to make ends meet.
He went on to build his own 7 figure amazon business.

He didn't have any technical skills or knowledge of internet business.
But transformed his life with his hard work and determination.

I asked for a recent screenshot of his seller account and this is what I got.
(more screenshots at the end of the blog btw)

It wasn't always like this for Shawn him . His story have a sad beginning

So lets start the story

Meet Shawn Snider, 

2 years ago , Shawn was working in a steel mill in Delaware.
Life was barely getting by.

If you don't know , life at a steel mill can be really harsh. 15-16 hour work days under sun and rain.
Shawn was loosing motivation but had to continue the steel mill job because he wanted the money.

He has 2 kids to take care of , so leaving the job was not an option.

That's when his steel mill shut down. He lost his job.
Shawn was desperate and didn't know what to do.

He messaged his old friend Chris Winters , whom Shawn met years ago.

Chris was an online entrepreneur. He has made multi millions from running his own online businesses.
So anyway , Shawn messaged Chris asking if he can help Shawn learn how to make some money online to at least support his family better.

Chris , being a successful online entrepreneur .. receives 100s of such messages everyday.
He replied Shawn with some tasks. He asked Shawn to watch about 100 videos and make notes.
All these videos were about 2 hr long.
Chris did this on purpose (and still does I assume)
No one has ever come back to Chris and said they completed watching all videos.

But for Shawn , that wasn't an option. Because he knew he dont have another steel mill to go to if the current one shuts down too. He watched all the videos and got back to Chris.

Chris was surprised. He saw an ACTION TAKER in Shawn.
Shawn proved that he is worthy of getting his knowledge.

That's how Shawn's journey started.

Chris taught him how to find products from nearby stores and send to amazon.


Shawn wasn't technical. He didn't even know how to properly setup an amazon account.

But as mentioned before , failure was not an option for him. So he learnt how to.
One step at a time , Shawn started going to Walmart and Targets near him. 

Scanned products with his amazon app. Found what was profitable and bought them.

After bringing them all home , Shawn packaged and sent it to amazon.

Sales started coming in slowly.. That was the beginning of an epic journey.

1 product shipments became crates full of stuff.

His family started to help out

Eventually he was able to QUIT his job at the steel mill.

He made his first million dollars after 18 months of hard work. 

Just for fun , I asked for his numbers of March. This is what I got

He now has taught this system to lot of others... and is now changing many lives like Chris once did for him.

Here are few posts I found from Shawns facebook group.

Do you want to learn from Shawn ? He has a free web class teaching more about his processes. You can learn more about it by clicking the button below