What Is Facebook Microdata : How To Install It And Improve Ad Performance (For Non Developers)

Here is what we are going to cover in this post

1. What is Micro data / schema ?
2. Who should care about micro data ?
3. How to set it up without being a tech geeky developer ?

Ever noticed this thing on your Facebook pixel helper extension ?
Well that is not something you should ignore especially if you are into Niche based marketing.

Facebook is following google's success formula , accumulating as much data as possible about the web.

OK Aby , so what is this Micro data / Schema ?
Simple , Its just passing data to Facebook about your website/business in a language which their algorithm can easily understand.

Can't Facebook just read the text present in my website and understand that ?
It can.. but , micro data is a much more friendly way their algorithm can read your data.
(Don't worry its not some scary codes .. its very human friendly too) . 

Why is this important ?
Its important because the more data you can give to Facebook , the better they can optimize their ads for you. You can definitely increase ad performance when you provide more data.

Facebook advertising algorithm likes to collect as much data as possible to increase their performance. It favors advertisers that gives the algorithm more data. So having micro data in your website will give you an edge over others who dont have it.

Who should care about this ?
If you are running niche specif stores , or blogs or local business funnels then this is definitely for you. Telling what your business is about to Facebook will make your 

How can I setup micro data properly on my website ?
There are multiple ways to do it , I will be discussing the method with a generator which makes things easy for the non techie folks.

Step 1 : Visit the generator HERE
Step 2 : Select your type of markup from the options. (Select what best suits your business)
Step 3 : Select your type of business (This is a long list , choose the best one that suits your business)
Step 4: Give the Name and website address of your business.
Step 5 : Add an image that best suites your business (Image should be in url format)
Step 6 : Give a description of your business. (Use keywords that are close to your niche)
Step 7 : Give your address
Step 8 : Skip longitude and latitude (You can if you are technically literate to get it)
Step 9 : Enter your telephone number

You will find some code at the right side of the tool.

Copy this code and paste it in the FOOTER of your page/funnel where facebook pixel is installed.

To check the installation , visit the page again and fire up your pixel helper tab.
Then click on MICRO DATA detected , and open JSON-LD

Inside that , you should see the data you just installed. Refer to the picture below.

That's it folks , you have successfully installed micro data.

Please let me know in the comments if you have any questions.

CEO - Hacketing.IO