Stop Paying Thousands For Software And Do This Instead

If you are a business owner you know how much it means to keep our expenses low. One of the biggest culprits who puts holes in our pockets is the monthly recurring payments we have to make for various SAAS products that we use. Even though SAAS helps our business, these companies charge a monthly free even for the smallest upgrades.

The big SaaS companies has to charge you so much because, they are HUGE. They need to pay for a long list of employees. Most of them might be old companies, so the technology used might also be old. This means it will take more resources to run compared to modern day technology. Where you can start your own social network or video streaming services with just 2 or 3 team members.

Times are changing and this new company Saastronautics is going to revolutionize the way we consume SaaS.

You see, the biggest reason why industry leading SAAS products has to raise their subscriptions is their bigass list of expenses and old technology. What if you can get the same quality product for 1/10th of the price? and what if you only have to pay ONCE and use it for the rest of your life? I am not kidding.

Saastronautics was founded with one goal in mind. It is to get best softwares to businesses at the best price. For this they partner with new SAAS founders who are hungry to acquire their first set of customers. When I say new, don't mistake it for uncooked. All SaaS products featured on Saastronautics is tested and made sure its industry ready. The coolest part is, you only pay a onetime fee and you keep the software access for life.

Did you know the beast of automation "ZAPIER" was once offered for early adopters? The early adopter crowd who supported Zapier are keeping Zapier accounts for lifetime even though Zapier is now being offered at $18 ~ $600 per month.

Crazy right?

There are many other examples like Zapier. Thrivecart, Clickfunnels, Pabbly. All these incredible softwares were once offered at a lifetime discount but now they are being offered for a monthly subscription only.

If I were given a chance to buy Zapier lifetime deal, I would have bought a 100 of them. (just kidding, obviously I won’t buy 100. maybe I will just stop at 99)

Saastronautics is taking things to next level by letting you access to dozens of such deals.

They check the softwares and make sure they are helpful for businesses. They also vet the founders to ensure that there is no funny business involved. When you buy products from Saastronautics, the biggest advantage is their refund guarantee.

If for some reason you didn’t like the product, just send them an email and they will refund full amount to you in 30 days.

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